So, last week, mortgage rates took a nosedive—like a dramatic swan dive into a pool of financial relief. The average 30-year mortgage rates are 31 basis points lower than they were just a week ago. That’s like finding a secret stash of discounted avocado toast!

But hold your horses (or should I say, hold your house?): These rates might not be chillin’ at the beach forever.  The latest jobs report came in hot, showing that the US economy added way more jobs than anyone expected in January. Now, everyone’s scratching their heads, wondering how this data jives with the Federal Reserve’s plan to lower the federal funds rate this year.

Here’s the scoop: Experts predict that mortgage rates will continue to shimmer in 2024 and 2025. But—and it’s a big ol’ but—a too-hot economy could throw a curveball.

Mortgage rates and the Fed—the ultimate frenemies. Here’s the deal: When the Fed does its rate dance (like a secret handshake but with numbers), mortgage rates often join the party. If the Fed lowers its benchmark rate, mortgage rates also shimmy down. It’s like they’re doing the electric slide together.

But hold up! Fed officials are playing it cool. They’re side-eyeing inflation, ensuring it chills out before they even think about rate cuts. And guess what? A balanced job market is part of their secret recipe.

The latest jobs report waltzed in, showing more job gains than a squirrel stashing acorns.  The Fed folks say, “Hmm, maybe we don’t need to rush into rate cuts.” Translation: Mortgage rates might stay elevated longer than your last Netflix binge.

So, keep an eye on those rates, my friend. And remember, even if you’re not Ulysses tied to a mast, staying informed is your superpower!


Photo by Luke Chesser on Unsplash