Historical Spring Cleaning was a Necessity

Being shut in all winter did mean that spring cleaning was necessary. Furnaces, stoves, and fireplaces that burned wood and coal left soot and ash all over one’s home. In former days as the weather became warmer, complete cleaning of the house was indispensable.  That winter build-up is no longer an issue thanks to better filtration.

Does that mean that spring cleaning is no longer a necessity? The short answer is no. We no longer need to take two weeks each year to scrub down the entire house. What is needed to do is:

(1) Develop (and adhere to) a good, regular cleaning schedule, and

(2) Devise a plan for getting the heavy-duty house cleaning tasks done

If you do a quick speed cleaning every week, cleaning can be cut in half and will not seem overwhelming.  See https://speedcleaning.com/category/speed-cleaning-rules/ for advice on speed cleaning.

Now to devise a plan for those heavy-duty tasks. Regular cleaning will minimize most of these tasks and eliminate some. Some jobs do, however, need some extra time and effort.

Rather than spring cleaning and doing everything at once, a better plan is to tackle these jobs on a semi-annual basis. You can accomplish this in one of two ways:

  1. If you are one of those who like schedules, set up a formal routine that will integrate those tasks into your weekly cleaning routine
  2. Free-spirits out there, who probably have no weekly cleaning schedule, might be better off to do it when it needs doing.

If your windows are so dirty that not even the sun shines through, it’s (probably past) time to clean them. If that air conditioner doesn’t seem to be cooling as fast as it did, the filter needs cleaning or replacement. There really is no need to spend days spring cleaning if you keep up with tasks as they need doing.

The folks at the Clean Team have put together their top ten recommendations for doing when necessary.

The Clean Team’s Top Ten List of Essential Seasonal Chores

1. Air filters – clean and/or replace

2. Windows – wash including frames and sills
3. Walls & ceilings -wash
4. Floors – strip, wax, and seal floors, and clean carpets, if necessary
5. Couches and other upholstered furniture – deep clean
6. Silver and other precious metals – polish
7. Chandeliers and other light fixtures – clean
8. Kitchen cupboards, drawers, and pantries – declutter and clean
9. Freezer & refrigerator – clean and, if, necessary vacuum refrigerator coils
10. Closets and bathroom cupboards – declutter and wipe down